Stationary Medical Care

The need for innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) within hospitals and other care organisations is increasing. By using a variety of functions Mocca ONE helps your organisation to reduce cost, improve the organisations’ operation and patient safety, and at the same time increase efficiency and quality of medical care. With Mocca ONE your organisation is able to schedule resources (doctors, carers), manage bed occupancy, view results and enable a clear and complete clinical documentation.

Mobile Care

Mocca ONE supports carers on the go with an innovative software directly on their smartphone or tablet. It allows the carer to check their client’s wellbeing and current health status. Furthermore, our eHealth solution provides the carer with individualized work schedules. The carer can easily communicate with patients at home and the care organisation. For a better and cost-effective care for vulnerable people living at home.

Active Assisted Living

The population is getting older, the number of single-households is increasing, large families are in decline and illnesses caused by old age is rising. These circumstances are impacting and shaping the spaces in which the older generation live. AAL- systems provide innovative technology for a better and more sustainable quality of life. JAMES, the digital assistance system, is part of Mocca ONE and supports the elderly to stay connected, healthier and autonomous for longer.

24/7 Supervision

Many seniors and other vulnerable people feel very comfortable in familiar environments, people don’t want to leave their homes due to illnesses. Under these circumstances it is convenient to hire a 24/7 supervisor. They help their patients to deal with daily activities and tasks. Mocca ONE uses existing technologies from its extensive eHealthcare solution to support supervisors, organisations and the person being cared for.

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