Mocca Administration

The administration feature includes the management of master data, work scheduling, planning trips and resources, as well as various reporting.

The Mocca administration allows organisations to create and easily export numerous reports. View staff schedules, capacity utilisations, or the total number of client services.

Master Data Management

Securely supervise and maintain your client’s personal data. Examples for information, which is handled in the Mocca system:

  • Clients, Employees, Doctors
  • Solicitor
  • Contact Person
  • Organisation‘s Vehicles
  • Beds, Remedies, …

Work Sheduling

  • Chart working hours, remaining holidays, extra hours, …
  • Compliance with all relevant legal requirements
  • Create and plan work schedules, and send them to mobile devices

Ressource and Shift Planning

  • Plan the daily business (calendar and map view)
  • The system indicates conflicts (Example: patient wants to be supervised by a female carer)
  • Status of all actions and visits
  • Target/ actual comparison of service period

Route Planning

  • Visual representation of all addresses and visits
  • Create routes based on daily appointments
  • Time and kilometres of routes
  • Mocca calculates the perfect carer for a visit

Mocca Mobile

Mocca Mobile connects all devices and enables a seamless communication. Carers on the go use smartphones, while employees in hospitals and other caregiving organisations use tablets and computers for stationary tasks.


Carers use their smartphones to record working hours. Furthermore, they are able to synchronize relevant data for their visits at the patient’s home.


Use tablets for direct care at the patient’s bed. Doctors and nurses can easily check via tablets the vital signs and planned treatments of their patients.


Employees within the medical care organisation use laptops or computers for the initial reception, treatment planning or other administrative tasks.

Mocca Care

With our partner Recom we have integrated the nursing documentation system GriPS. The complexity of nursing documentation (including the medical history and nursing planning) can be adapted to the requirements of organisations.

Key Elements:

ENP (European Nursing care Pathways)

NANDA (North American Nursing Diagnosis Association – international classification of diagnoses)

Over 500 diagnoses records and a variety of evidence-based care paths

Collection of diagnoses based on anamnesis

Documentation of wounds

Qualitative evaluations and time models

Mocca Case

Case managers can easily fill in and dispatch several forms, as for example requests for the customer’s insurance, directly on-site using a tablet or laptop. In addition, the case manager can easily access nursing documents and master data.

Key Elements:

Fill in and send digital forms

Store and view customer’s documents

Create or change master data

Access current services and visits, as well as nursing documentations

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