Mocca Billing

Mocca captures all provided services to clients. In order to gather the information, Mocca Billing collects the relevant data from other Mocca features, as for example GriPS (Mocca Care), or external systems.

Key elements:

Transforming “provided” into “billable” services

Rework and adapt services

Performance Validation (for example: warnings in case of overstepping predefined limits)

Billing According to Regulations

Automated Accounting Procedures

Electronic Payment Transactions (SEPA)

Interface between Internal and External Systems (health insurance companies, other authorities)

Evaluations and Statistics

Mocca Staff

The Mocca Staff gathers information like working hours, absences, finished assignments and visits, thus, send the collected data to the working time accounts, and further to the payroll accounting system.

Key elements:

Create Working Time Accounts

Define Accounting Rules

Interface to the Payroll System

Printouts for Employees

Mocca Document Management System

The feature is used to store a huge number of documents. It is the central administration of all relevant and important information regarding your clients and employees.

Key elements:

Storage of all Important Correspondences (care-giving contracts, employment contracts and protocols)

Deposit of CASE files

Easy and gapless Document Management

Mocca Complaint and Incident Management

The complaint and incident management system is a share-point feature of Mocca ONE. This means, that complaints are collected from different sources (clients, relatives, other stakeholders). The complaints or positive notes are integrated in the organisation’s workflow.

Key elements:

Feedback Documentation and Analysis

Feedback via Mocca Application

Feedback Workflow Including Tasks and Assignments

Evaluate Inputs and Reactions


Mocca Time Management

Mobile carers capture their working hours via the Mocca App. For in-house staff Mocca uses a stationary terminal (Android Tablet). Each employee receives a card or keychain with NFC technology to easily log in and out. In order to edit the captured time, use the web application.

Key elements:

Working Shedule Overview

Capture the Working Hours of Your Employees in One System

Measure Working Time

Interface to the Payroll System

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